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What the Trinity CertTESOL could do for you

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By Sean MartinTEFL Course Tutor at Tefl-in-Italy, Rome

‘Why should I do this? I use English at C2 level. I studied in an English-speaking country.’

‘How is the Cert TESOL related to real teaching? I teach already.’

These are just a selection of questions people have raised about aspects of the Trinity Cert TESOL, either by commenting on blogs or during information sessions. In principle, asking questions is a good thing, even the pedantic ones. It’s not unreasonable as these questions are likely to come about through an absence of knowledge of and appreciation of what is taught and practiced on the Cert TESOL course.

I’ve noticed though, that the less constructive or less purposeful questions about the internationally-recognised Cert TESOL and CELTA qualifications (potentially bordering on trolling or dissing) tend to be raised by those who don’t have intrinsic motivation for learning. This might be those who arrived in a country with their backpack, landed a job ‘teaching English’ and simply stayed, maybe a lifestyle choice or perhaps formed a relationship. On the other hand, external motivation might be for securing legal residency through a visa rather than getting tired of staying ‘under the radar’. Either way, it tends to lead to cynicism and sometimes bitterness about the value of an accredited teaching qualification.

There are hundreds of different online TEFL courses, but without external validation, live content, and very limited or even no teaching practice. Neither is there any guarantee of the quality of service that you are going to get. Yes, these courses can be cheap, but if it is not accepted as certification in other countries, is there really any point in taking them in the first place? Also, without external quality assurance from a regulated body, there is no way of knowing if the TEFL training you get will enable you to do a good job once you get into the classroom, which can make things difficult for you, and frustrating for your students. 

Getting into TEFL jobs without properly quality-assured training means that teachers run the risk of ‘winging it’. Ah but, you might say, there’s no substitute for experience …, possibly, but there’s even more of a case for saying there’s no substitute for experience underpinned with an accredited qualification – put simply, unqualified teachers do not know what they do not know and very often, although it’s sad to say, it’s the blind leading the blind.


Gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to begin teaching effectively

A qualified TESOL teacher has the ability, skills, and confidence to help learners actually learn and become effective users of English. It’s a great source of satisfaction when learners leave the session actually using the language they have been introduced to, come back next time and use it. With focus and hard work, you’ll be able to achieve this with the Cert TESOL.

The Cert TESOL, through the 5 units, provides you with the techniques and knowledge to plan and effectively deliver a range of lessons – vocabulary, listening/reading, grammar, speaking, and writing. This will be achieved through guided self-study, live sessions, observation of experienced teachers, a reminder of what it’s like to be a learner beginning to learn a new language, analysing the needs of an individual learner, lesson planning, designing, and evaluating materials and teaching real learners. Every moment of a lesson is focused on. This will include lesson staging, setting context, presenting language, designing tasks, teacher talk, classroom management, error correction … and much more.

You can find an overview of each of the Units on the course here. All this and more will be accomplished under the guidance, support, and encouragement of experienced and accredited trainers. 

Enrol in one of our fully-accredited TESOL courses in Rome HERE!

Choose from 4-week, 6-week, 100% online or blended courses.


The quality of the Trinity College London Cert TESOL validated under the UK Government’s Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework and the EU Government European Qualifications Framework makes it an attractive and sought-after qualification and only one of two qualifications recognised worldwide. It’s a valuable travelling companion, whether you’re thinking of short-term or long-term goals.

If you’re planning to teach TEFL abroad and will need a visa to work legally, then many countries’ immigration departments will now only accept the Trinity Cert TESOL or Cambridge CELTA as suitable for a visa for a job teaching English. Yes, it’s true, despite what you might be told elsewhere or read on the internet. Make sure you look at government immigration department websites for any one country’s requirements.

As well as being acceptable for work visas, even if you’re not planning to teach abroad, the Trinity Cert TESOL is recognised by the British Council and other international teaching organisations. Those who recognise the value and quality of the Trinity Cert TESOL are worth working with. The Trinity Cert TESOL is an investment. As you’ll be investing time and money, you’ll want some assurance that you’ll be making a wise investment just as you would with any other education and other things in your life. The Cert TESOL is a solid investment in your future, unlike other investments that come with a warning that value can go down as well as up. 

Enhance and complement the skills you already have

The Cert TESOL gives you the initial teacher training you need to deliver effective language classes and work in a range of countries and environments. You might be surprised to know that you can apply the skills and knowledge you already have to teach English e.g. for business, law, health care, tourism, aviation, sport …  and the list goes on. Think about the skills and background you have that would provide a good fit for teaching English. The Cert TESOL isn’t only to teach kids or teens.

Any training, qualifications, and experience that you have in other fields can be applied to help you to specialise in specific areas where English is used for business or study. As well as teaching English to your combined skills.

Whether you’re thinking of a career change for one reason or another, currently teaching or tutoring English or other subjects, relocated and wondering what you can do, helping your neighbours or their kids, returning to the workplace, or even exchanging your language skills for local produce in your new village, have a look at what the Trinity College London Cert TESOL can do for you.

As many do, you might come away from our Trinity Cert TESOL course in Rome, Italy with a changed perspective or new perspective on language teaching. It won’t fail to surprise you. When you’ve completed and passed the TEFL course in Rome or online, you’ll have the initial skills to teach English to anyone anywhere in the world.

You can get qualified 100% online or at our centre in Rome, full-time or part-time. You can learn more about our Face-to-face Trinity Cert TESOL or our Online Blended TESOL courses here.



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