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From Dream to Reality

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By Dilara Aydin, TEFL Trainee and Marketing Intern at TEFL in Italy

My name is Dilara and I am originally from Turkey. When I graduated from university, I decided to do an Erasmus internship. I studied English language and literature, but I wanted to try teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) as well. Living abroad has been one of my biggest dreams since I was a child, and I knew where to go. I decided to go to Rome. I had always wanted to see Rome and live there. Finally, one of my biggest dreams came true.

What I had to do was to find a place to do my Erasmus internship. I did a lot of research. I had meetings with so many language schools, but none of them offered me an opportunity as good as TEFL in Italy. They gave me an opportunity both to do my internship and to get a free Trinity CertTESOL certificate with the TEFL + Marketing Internship program. You will find all of the course options at TEFL in Italy here.

Moreover, while all this was going on, I would be in Rome, which was the beginning of a new life for me. I had always felt that my life in Rome would be a turning point for me. I came here to find what I wanted to do, but most of all I came to find myself. That’s what happened. But the first night I came to Italy, I suddenly found myself questioning why I came here. My friends were staying in Turkey and finding a job for themselves. However, I chose to do something different. There was no one with me. I was all alone. All responsibility was mine. I couldn’t let these feelings control me. I focused on the lessons as much as I could. I learned something new every day that I spent in Rome. I am still learning.

When I began the 6-week Online Blended TEFL course, I was in Turkey. I was so busy with my internship and going through the visa process. So from time to time, I would miss lessons and have to watch the recordings later on. Other students were way ahead of me with the online sessions and assignments. I was having trouble adapting, but the trainers and Miriam (the director) were very supportive and patient with me. They still are. Miriam gave me the chance to extend the course because I couldn’t keep up, especially after just arriving in Rome two weeks after starting online classes.

It has been a month since I came to Rome and I have learned a lot in this one month. I have realized how deep and meaningful it is to be a teacher. I have also learned that it takes a lot of effort and patience. I have learned the important things when teaching a language. It is important to be planned and organized. Apart from that, a teacher’s body language and facial expressions contribute a lot to a lesson. I have learned that you don’t have to speak the same language to teach another language. I have realized a lot of things like these and they have helped me improve a lot.

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But things didn’t always turn out how I wanted them to. I was having a hard time adapting to Rome. I had so many problems with myself. While I was going through all this, Miriam and the others remained patient and understanding. I felt better when I decided to extend the course and could start on some internship tasks in the meantime. I had put too much pressure on myself without even realizing it. I will now join the 10-week Online CertTESOL course in October.

Being a part of TEFL in Italy has been very valuable to me. I’m sad to be leaving Rome in about a month. To even think about leaving here is difficult. The history, streets, and cuisine have impressed me a lot. There are already two places I go to with my music and my book to relax. One is the River Tevere and the other is Piazza del Popolo. Sometimes I sit in these places for hours. Starting a new life in a new country and city is both very difficult and exciting. I have realized that TEFL in Italy and coming to Rome was going to be a turning point for my career and myself. I feel very lucky to be here despite all the difficulties I have been through.

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