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Now is the Time to Transition to Online

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Due to the current situation and worldwide pandemic, we are now seeing the need to transition to the online classroom. Many English teachers are being pushed to make this scary jump and are feeling quite unsure about it. However, this does open up new opportunities for people who are considering gaining their TEFL qualification, allowing them to also prepare and gain the right skills for this new demand online.

Can I complete the TEFL course online?

While you have time on your hands, there is no better time to study online! Especiaslly due to the current Covid-19 situation – as there is now uncertainty around when flights will return to normal. Take our 10-week Online Blended TESOL. This flexible option will allow you to study online and attend our training centres in either Rome or Malaga for teaching practice. The Online Blended TESOL is accredited by Trinity College London and recognised by the British Council and employers worldwide. Credits are also awarded towards degree programmes offered by universities in the UK.

Online element: 9 weeks (100 hours)

  • Methodologies and Approaches to Teaching English
  • Presenting Language 
  • Interactive Tasks
  • Video Tutorials
  • Written Assignments
  • Online Forum Discussions
  • Videos Featuring Experienced Teachers
  • 3-hours online teaching practice through Zoom

*Includes online support and feedback from tutors

Face to face element: Choose 1 week or 5 Fridays (30 hours)

  • Attend one of our training centres in either Rome or Malaga for face to face teaching practice.
  • Either 1 week Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm or 5 Fridays
  • Guided preparation for teaching
  • Observations of teaching
  • Feedback on your teaching
  • 3-hours live teaching practice

*Flexible: To be completed within 12 months after the online start date

Trinity College London Accreditation

The Trinity College London accredited TESOL Certificate course is for people who want an internationally-recognized qualification and an up-to-date and practical course of teacher training. 

The Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL) is a TESOL or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate designed for those with little or no experience of teaching English, and for those with experience who require an internationally recognised initial teacher education qualification.

It equips candidates with the basic skills and knowledge needed to take up their first post as an ESOL teacher. It gives an introduction to the theory and practice of English teaching and an insight into the challenges facing the learner and the role of the teacher.

The CertTESOL is rated at Level 5 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework, a comparable level to the second year of an undergraduate degree, and comprises a minimum of 130 hours, with an expected minimum of 70 hours further study required (Total Qualification Time: 200 hours).

What can I expect from the TESOL course?

Introduction course

Once you have enrolled you will receive our introduction course which is designed to introduce you to teaching methodology, grammar and phonology of English. The tasks will take about 20-25 hours and will completely prepare you for the online component.

Teaching Methodologies

You will learn about a variety of teaching methodologies that can be applied to your classes.  You will receive input-sessions, workshops, tutorials and video content to help you understand and use these new techniques.

Teaching Practice

You will teaching real adult students through Zoom classes in the online component and also complete additional live teachinmg during your 1-week face-to-face component. After each class, there will be a reflection and feedback session with your tutor and fellow trainees. This hands-on experience is usually the most enjoyable part of the course and absolutely vital for your CV

Grammar and Language Awareness

We understand that language awareness is often something that teachers worry about, so you will be provided with some pre-course tasks and input during the course to help you gain confidence in this area.

Observations of Experienced teachers

You will get the chance to observe our tutors and experienced teachers so that you can see first-hand how other teachers plan and deliver classes their classes. This will give you further insights into lesson planning, staging and classroom management.

Class Materials and Technologies

Online: You will be given access to all of the coursebooks in a digital format. There will also be training sessions on how to use the resources and how to teach through Zoom (touching on all of the features and tools available).

Face-to-face: You will be teaching at our training centre. The classrooms are fully equipped with computers and projectors. Our tutors will also deliver workshops on using technology in the classroom. We actively encourage the use of Youtube, TedTalks, interactive online platforms like kahoot and social media as well as the use of coursebooks. The school has a n extensive library of resources available to you allowing you to create engaging and interactive classes.

One-to-one Lesson Preparation

One-to-one classes are in high demand and during the course you will complete a needs analysis, prepare a lesson and then teach a one-hour class to an individual student. After this, you will write a journal where you will reflect and evaluate the success of your classes.

Learn an Unknown Language

During the TEFL Certificate course, you will participate in four language lessons (2-recorded and 2-live online) in a language you have no prior experience of, taught completely in the language itself without recourse to English. This helps you put yourself in the position of a low level learner of English and to experience communicative language teaching at first hand. Languages taught on past courses have included Greek, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese and Japanese. These sessions are challenging but fun!

Preparation for finding work

Our Careers Service includes a 2-hour workshop on finding work after your course and you will be given expert advice on preparing your CV which highlights your background, education, experience and skills. See our Careers Service page for more information.

If you are thinking about teaching abroad and you would like to explore new horizons, why not consider the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL course. This course allows you to study from the comfort of your own home, then join us in Rome for 1-week! Apply for your course online or face to face here or contact us at info@tefl-in-italy.com to book an informal video chat! 

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