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5 Steps to Getting Private Clients

by Bryn Elizabeth Bonino, founder of Teach English In Rome and Bryn Elizabeth Co. Does a visit to Italy leave you awe-inspired?  Do you want to live in il Bel Paese for a while and financially support yourself while you do?  If you are TEFL certified, you are on the…


Which TEFL Course Should I Take?

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On October 9, 2019, Posted by Miriam, In TEFL Blog, With Comments Offon Which TEFL Course Should I Take? What is TEFL? TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In order to gain access to the TEFL industry, there are many types of TEFL certificates, such as weekend courses, online courses and face to face courses….

TP1? GOJ? The schwa? – But what does it all mean?

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The Trinity CertTESOL course here at TEFL in Italy is a whirlwind, fun-filled rollercoaster tour of TEFL teaching, ultimately comprised of four written assignments and observed teaching practice, along with input sessions focusing on language awareness, teaching techniques and careers advice, among many other elements! If it sounds like a…

Rome? Completed it. Where to next?

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Firstly, as a disclaimer, Rome is never, EVER completed. Even the locals are always finding something new to see or do! However, Rome also serves as a pretty perfect base for exploring the rest of Italy. This blog will detail a few possible options of places to visit (probably AFTER…

Things to do of an evening in Rome

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Rome: the eternal city. Just because the sun has set it doesn’t mean Rome is sleeping! So, you’re halfway through Week 2 of your Trinity CertTESOL course and moderation seems a million miles away! After teaching practice, you’ll be out of the school by 8 or 8.30pm. What are you…

An interview with a TEFL Graduate – An incredible experience!

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Meet Katie McAuley, who is 21 and from the UK. Katie is a TEFL graduate from TEFL in Italy. Katie earned her Trinity CertTESOL course in February and is now working as a qualified teacher and marketing intern at TEFL in Italy. We have reached out to her for an…

Survival in Rome’s Summer Heat – AKA Beaches

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Summer-time Beach Getaways from Rome By: Michael E. Grullón If you’re making summer plans to do your TEFL course in Rome, then you need to know about the best summer getaways near to the city. So why us? Why Rome? Rome is magical all year round, but the summer really…

The Best Small Museums in Roma – Where the Locals Go

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By: Michael E. Grullón Rome is a living, breathing, walkable museum. Everywhere you can possibly go has history and beauty. Yet, when in Rome everyone hears about visiting the Vatican Museums, Castel Sant’Angelo, and Galleria Borghese. Big names after big names, and that’s all most people focus on, but some…

Way Up High in Rome: The Best Views of the Eternal City

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By: Michael E. Grullón Most of us have heard of the legend of Rome’s birth. The ancient conception of the city via Romulus and Remus’s extraordinary upbringing by a she-wolf who saved and nurtured them. If you believe it, be my guest! Try to prove it while you’re here for…

What’s all the fuss about? Full-time & Part-time TEFL Courses

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Which TEFL course is best for you? That’s all up to your personal preference, learning style and how long you want to take to become a qualified teacher. Regardless, the courses are the same in the end – as is the Trinity qualification gained! No previous teaching experience is required to take…