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Who are we?
TEFL Abroad is an international Trinity TEFL provider with centres in Italy and Spain. We are well know for our high-quality standards and  hundreds people graduate at our centres  every year. Read what our graduates say about us!
What is the difference between CELTA or TEFL or TESOL?
The  Trinity Cert TESOL and CELTA courses are the only accredited TEFL courses which are recognised by both the British Council and employers worldwide. The qualifications and recognition are exactly the same, the only difference is is that the CELTA is accredited by Cambridge University and the Trinity Cert TESOL by Trinity College London. Other TEFL courses will not have the same credibility, therefore may not be effective in helping you to start your career as an EFL teacher
30 days that will change your life
Live an amazing experience in our wonderful locations and get your passport to live and work anywhere around the world! Our Trinity TEFL qualification is recognised by the British Council and employers worldwide