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Things to do of an evening in Rome

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Rome: the eternal city. Just because the sun has set it doesn’t mean Rome is sleeping!

So, you’re halfway through Week 2 of your Trinity CertTESOL course and moderation seems a million miles away! After teaching practice, you’ll be out of the school by 8 or 8.30pm. What are you going to do? Go straight home and sleep for a year? That’s probably what you want to do. But IF you can summon that little bit of energy to see Rome by night, I promise it will break up the course and make it seem all the more fun!

The Trevi Fountain

Everyone knows and loves the Trevi Fountain – how could you not? For me, there’s something even more special about the Trevi Fountain by night! The way the water appears to magically glow seems to highlight the incredible architecture even more than by daylight!

When I signed up for this TEFL course, I had no idea that the Trevi Fountain was literally a 5 minute walk (sometimes 4 minutes if you really push yourself) from the school itself. My friends back in the UK were practically green with envy when I told them I just popped down to the Trevi Fountain after work!

A drink with a view!

If you love the Trevi Fountain as much as I do, maybe you’d fancy having a drink and soaking up the surroundings in a more relaxing environment.

Somebody recommended the Relais Fontana di Trevi Hotel Rooftop Bar when they found out how close the school was to the fountain. So my friend and I went to check it out after one night, after the course! We quite literally stumbled into this bar; it’s a little bit tricky to find as you have to just wander through the corridors of an actual hotel; I felt very dodgy but apparently this is fine and I should stop being so awkwardly ‘British’ about these things!

Once we arrived, the view was astounding! The wine was pricey (8 euros was the cheapest glass I could find on the wine list) and I think cocktails were closer to 15 euros each. However, look at the view! It’s definitely not somewhere you would get more than one drink (unless you’re a lot richer than I am), but I cannot recommend it enough for the view! Plus – I don’t think it’s very touristy, so that makes it even more special!

Il Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Il Monumento, also known as the typewriter, is pretty awe-inspiring at any time of day. Again though, I think it’s just that little bit more special of an evening!

Only a 5-10 minute stroll down from the Trevi Fountain and our TEFL in Italy school itself, Piazza Venezia (home to Il Monumento) is always full of excitement every evening. I would recommend just walking along here, as, in my experience, food and drinks around here are fairly average but you pay a ridiculously high price for the location!

The Colosseum

For the final part of your twilight trip, why not head towards the one and only Colosseum? The walk through the forum to get here is pretty magical in itself – almost as if you’ve been transported back in time amongst all of the ruins (but then you notice the carefully placed lighting in order to cast impressive shadows and this is no longer the case). Once you arrive at the Colosseum, you might like to grab an aperitivo to fully soak in that gorgeous evening view!  

Rest, rejuvenate and be ready and raring for your Trinity CertTESOL course the next day!

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