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TEFL in Italy Testimonials

Read what some of our graduates say about their Trinity TESOL course in Rome!

Belinda Da Costa-Alves
I recently completed my Cert TESOL certification online through TEFL in Italy, based in Rome, and it was an exceptional experience. The course was thorough and well-structured, providing comprehensive training in teaching English as a foreign language. The instructors were knowledgeable, supportive, and always available to assist with any questions. The practical teaching components were invaluable, and the feedback was constructive and encouraging. I highly recommend TEFL in Italy to anyone looking to earn their TESOL certification!
Utkarsh Singh Sahu
It is a useful course. It introduced me to several teaching techniques and methods. I got a chance to teach international students through the practical teaching practices. The tutors were helpful and taught me many new things regarding lesson planning and online teaching. Overall, an informative and interesting course to pursue 😄.
Sara Irani
I recently completed my TESOL course at TEFL in Italy, and I must say that my experience exceeded my expectations. From the comprehensive curriculum to the dedicated tutor, every aspects of the program contributed to a highly rewarding learning journey. They offer excellent support and resources for their students. One of the strengths of this program lies in the constructive feedback provided by my tutor. Their insights were invaluable in enhancing my teaching skills, and I could see tangible improvement after every feedback session. However, one highlight of the course was the practical teaching experience which allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a real classroom setting. I would like to mention that my first teaching practice started at day 3 of the course. Despite the initial challenge, this hands-on approach significantly boosted my confidence as a future English teacher. Coming from a completely different educational background, I initially found the course challenging. However, with the unwavering support and constructive feedback from my tutor, I witnessed my own growth. Every day brought new learnings, and I could see myself evolving into a more capable educator. It's an honor to mention that I managed to find a job just three weeks after finishing my course. This quick transition into employment reflects not only the quality of the program but also the practical skills and confidence it instilled in me. In conclusion, I highly recommend TEFL in Italy to anyone considering a TESOL course. The combination of a challenging yet enriching curriculum, committed tutors, and hands-on teaching experiences creates an environment where growth and learning thrive. Only a few weeks after finishing the course I found a job!
Büşra Bahar
Participating in the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL course proved to be immensely valuable, leaving me with cherished memories and a significant expansion of my teaching abilities. The workload was demanding, requiring dedicated study and effort, but the experience gained was undeniably priceless. As a graduate in English language and literature with a longstanding passion for teaching, this course was a dream come true. The commitment required for this course was substantial, but in my eyes, every moment invested was more than justified by the immense value I gained. This journey has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the opportunity.
Paul Bodenham
UK, Italy
I really cannot praise Marta and everyone at TEFL in Italy enough for everything they have done for us. They followed us every step of the way and made it possible to get through what is a very challenging (but at the same time very rewarding) course. Thank you!!!
Giulia Acquaviva
A sensational experience in the heart of Rome!From the very beginning me and my coursemates have felt welcomed and supported. Despite being an intensive 4-week course with tight deadlines and thanks to the incredible support of our tutors and course directors, we have never lost track and reached our goals. It has been an eye opener over different aspects of teaching and classroom management. Impeccable organisation.
Francesca R.
Francesca Rosa
I had a really pleasant experience at the school. I thank all the staff working here, very kind and professional.
Amanda Picker
USA, Italy
These past 4 weeks are a blur in the best way possible. I have learned so much in this course and I feel ready for my teaching journey. Thank you TEFL in Italy for this wonderful, life-changing experience!
Francesca B.
Francesca Bordignon
This CertTESOL course was intensive, for real. It was challenging, but also rewarding. As a non-native speaker I was able to improve my personal skills while learning how to teach English, and it was great, because our tutors were always there to help us. I made it and I can't wait to start my career as an English teacher!
Korinne Hernandez
The CertTESOL course was definitely intense, but I have learned so much that will benefit me throughout my teaching career. There was help from every person part of the program and guided you every step of the way. You work very hard but it's definitely work the experience.
Dante Hellie
I highly recommend the Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Italy for both inexperienced teachers and experienced teachers.
Lisa Grice
I completed the 4 week intensive face to face TESOL course with TEFL in Italy. It was a great experience from start to finish. The tutors are knowledgable about the subjects taught. This course will give you the chance to teach face to face and online. I feel more confident in my teaching practice after completing the course. I already had a TEFL certificate and had taught in schools but this course helped me dig deep into my English teaching knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to teach higher levels.
Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

I completed my CertTESOL at TEFL in Italy in September 2022! The 4 week course is very intense but the quality of teaching you get is fantastic. The staff were so supportive and I will miss the students! Definitely worth considering if you are wanting to do your EFL training!
Maddie Shaline icon
Maddie Shaline

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

I found this course to be so engaging and fulfilling. I am so excited to have my TEFL certificate and see where this takes me next! The class is incredibly intensive but rather brilliant if you're up for the challenge.
Testimonial by Malika Anderson
Malika Anderson

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

I had a very positive experience doing my TEFL course at TEFL in Italy (Rome). The tutors/instructors were great and the facility is very nice. I took the 4-week intensive course and it was definitely INTENSIVE but it was well worth it. I learned a lot and I do feel prepared to begin my career as an English language teacher.
Tefl in italy testimonial NIck Cillessen
Nick Cillessen

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

I joined the 4 week course in July 2022. While it was definitely intense, it has also been an excellent opportunity to hone my practice as a teacher and learn some methods for teaching English to speakers of other languages. The focus on teaching authentic students was very important, and the feedback from our instructors was invaluable towards improving quite a lot in a short period of time!
Lucy Hollingworth
Lucy Hollingworth
UK & France

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

The team at TEFL were very accommodating and supportive during the course and in the months prior. Some logistics were made complicated by the covid situation but under Miriam and Iza's careful guidance, I successfully completed a face-to-face 4 week intensive course in September alongside one other coursemate. Although incredibly demanding in terms of workload (hint - intensive), I looked forward to the sessions every day, Iza was very knowledgeable and helpful and Maeri does an incredible job as office manager behind the scenes. A great experience x
Chiara Giordani
Italy & UK, 29
I attended the 8 week part time TESOL course in Rome in October 2020. I started this wonderful experience face to face but due to the pandemic we were forced to move on line. Well, all my initial concerns of an on line course were blown away straight away. Our course manager and tutor, Megan, dealt with the changes brilliantly and took care of us throughout the entire duration of the course. Megan is the tutor-to-have. She is highly professional and qualified, and you can always rely on her smile and positive attitude. This whole experience has left me more than satisfied and mostly has taught me how to deal with situations, people and human factors from different perspectives. Personally I have been so lucky to meet wonderful colleagues on this course and become very good friends. Support and trust were spontaneous factors which developed from day one. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of a teaching career to sign up for this course ASAP. It will be amazing and all the effort will be worth it!
Lara Mocellin
Italy, 50
I am glad I decided to take the 8-week course as the experience was really positive. Despite being semi-intensive, the 8-week course was still tough and the workload was impressive. On that note the tutors were helpful and assisted in my personal development, in particular with reference to teaching methodologies (including online teaching) and other aspects of the English language like phonology. The teaching practice was a valuable experience and I am extremely thankful to my course peers who really made my experience smoother (it's good to have someone to vent your frustration). I also would like to congratulate the school staff for handling efficiently our several requests of clarification on the school policy re. the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Arianna Petruzziello
Italy, 23
I had an extremely pleasant experience with this school. I took the online-delivered 10-weeks-course to get the Trinity CertTESOL Certificate. It was supposed to be semi-intensive, but I personally invested a lot of time into it - by having to meet multiple deadlines at once, doing the teaching practices, planning the lessons, studying the syllabus etc - therefore I must say I was glad I was not working at the time I decided to take the course. The staff is very kind, friendly, professional and ready to help. This was the first online-delivered course I have ever taken, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommended!
Raffaella Manzo
Italy, 39
Following the Trinity Cert TESOL Online Blended course offered by TEFL in Italy has been such a beautiful experience! The staff is always available and the course is well structured. I learned a lot, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. At the end of the 10 weeks, you really feel ready to continue to work in this fascinating world of teaching, with an extra gear!
Maria Elena
Maria Elena Mastroiacovo
Italy, 63
I really feel like sharing my experience with all of you. I have attended many language courses, and studied quite a few different languages, but this was the first time I was both a learner and a teacher during the course. It was shocking, at the beginning. It was such a bulk of work I thought I'd never make it. But, well, I did make it and it was also thanks to the good method and to the good tutor. Overall, an experience that I may recommend.
Dharshanie Wanithunge
Sri Lanka, 36
To do the TESOL Course at TEFL in Rome was the best decision which I made in 2020. It was a positive experience for me and also I gathered lots of knowledge and it helped me to enhance my teaching competencies. Generally the course was intensive and was steep learning curve but following the instructions which were given by the instructors led us to the correct path and motivated us until the end of the course. My heartiest gratitude to all the Instructors in TEFL centre. I started this course as a primary teacher and now I can proudly say that I am a TESOL graduate and thanks to TEFL in Rome.
tefl italy
Gabriele Dentoni
Italy, 23
This language school provides the certified Trinity College diploma. The environment is very small and friendly and perfectly located, close to many bars/restaurants/cafes and transport links. The staff's handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was excellent: all TEFL students had being given the option to postpone their face-to-face studies exactly as advertised in their "Switch Guarantee" policy, and all face-to-face teaching was done incredibly safely always adhering to the government guidance (social distancing, etc.) Meanwhile, online teaching was very well organised: the school provided an easy-to-navigate Moodle Platform to help keep track of all tasks and monitor progress, online resources including textbooks and teachers books, and the turnaround time for receiving assignment feedback after submission was incredibly short. Shout-out to Course Director Megan who was attentive, detailed and through when providing oral and written feedback, as well as being a charismatic and engaging teacher who takes the time to get to know her students personally and suggests to them individual wider reading perfectly tailored to their specific interests. I thoroughly enjoyed my TEFL studies here and would highly recommend to anyone looking to start/develop a career in education.
Giorgia Brulli
Italy, 25
The school is located in a central and well connected area of Rome, the environment is friendly and the staff are very professional. I attended the 8 week part-time TESOL course, which was a great experience both on the personal and the professional side. Megan, my course director, has been very patient and available for the whole duration of the course, despite the fact that we had to move online due to the pandemic. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is willing to pursue a career as an English teacher.
Giovanni Marcinnò
Italy, 27
My experience on the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Italy was a wonderful experience which I will treasure a lot. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a teacher and as a person. I’ve gained confidence in speaking in front of a class. I have also learned to teach online exploiting BoRs, the whiteboard, the sharing of media, etc.. I would definitely recommend studying with TEFL in Italy.
Leo Giso
Italy/USA, 44
My experience has been a positive one, the 4 week course is extremely intense and the organization is on point. There's a lot of work and studying to do, but it is all worth it. The experience you receive is priceless. The whole staff is friendly and cooperative. You meet a lot of new people as colleagues and students, you get to practice real life teaching and also learn a new language as a part of the course. The methods you learn are unique and extremely engaging for students and teachers. This is the right place if you want to be a TEFL teacher.
Maïa Hemkes
Netherlands, 38
The course has been an amazing journey for me, both personally and professionally. Starting this course as an International Marketing Manager and consultant, I wanted to expand my knowledge on how people learn and what key ingredients are for success in learning. I would have never thought I would like both the teaching and the linguistic part so much, even phonology and teaching grammar became friends! The combination of studying and putting into practice what you’ve learned straight away kept me going 24/7. Along the past weeks I gained so much knowledge and added so many tools to my professional toolbox, from engaging activities to ways of working in class to giving instructions and use meaning, form and pronunciation when analyzing TL. Some final words to all great ‘Telf in Italy’ people: Thank you Maeri for always being helpful at school. Without the students I would have never found out I love to teach, so a very big thanks to all of them. Last but not least, Megan - you rock both as a teacher and as a teacher trainer, thank you!
Marta Farias
Marta Farias
Italy, 45
My experience of the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Italy was amazing. I had the chance to go back to teaching and widen my experience with a deeper insight on methodologies and new topics (like phonetics). Although virtually, I met many nice people and working with them was very rewarding and eye-opening. Tutors were excellent and very responsive to our needs and questions. I learned a great deal and I familiarized with teaching online as well. The course is quite demanding and requires a certain amount of commitment but personally I think every minute spent on in was worth it and I would do it again and again. I can’t wait to start teaching!
Andrea Chelin
South Africa, 47
It was a great experience, the course was tough, expectations were high, but the life lesson was amazing. I would recommend TEFL in Italy to everyone with a passion for people and desire to teach!
trinity tefl rome
Chantal Ughi
Italian, 50
My experience with Trinity Cert Tesol in Italy was very intense. When the interviewer before the course asked me 'Are you ready? You are not going to have a life for four weeks...' I didn't believe her but now I do. The course gave me a deep insight into Teaching practice and I made great progress from my first teaching practice lesson to the last. I feel quite confident now as an English teacher. The amount of assignments during the course is a bit overwhelming though, so be prepared for it and be sure that is what you really want to do. The tutors are very supportive and help you throughout the course. The location also is quite beautiful on the Aventino Hill in Rome.
tesol rome
Fabiana Ceccotti
Italian, 52
The course was very useful and unforgettable! My tutor will be a role model for me because of her preparation, kindness, and availability! The secretary was very friendly and kind to us and supported us during the whole course. The school is wonderful, located in one of the most beautiful areas of Rome (Aventino) and easily accessible. The best experience ever!
tefl rome
Sara Micheli
Italian, 25
A rewarding experience! The tutors (Iza and Miriam) and the staff (Alessandra) were friendly, supportive and well prepared. The course is extremely intense, so be aware of the workload and be ready to sacrifice your weekends! Nevertheless, it’s a very rewarding experience. If you want to become an English teacher and you are very motivated, TEFL in Italy is the right place for you 🙂
tefl rome
Amandine Monnier
French, 28
I am glad I chose TEFL in Italy to complete the course. It was intense, draining and I didn't sleep much for four weeks but I learned so much!! I was very impressed with the professionalism and organization of the course. The trainers and tutors were highly experienced, passionate about their job, and very supportive. I was able to grow and make progress as a teacher in a very short time because of them. I am also grateful for my peers with who I bonded immediately and created deep friendships. We supported each other throughout the course and the hard work and this helped a lot when we were tired. A special thank you to Alessandra who was always trying her best to help us and make things easy in case of stress and unforeseen events.
tefl italy
Marilena Vrech
Italian, 28
It has been an incredibly positive experience. I learnt a lot about teaching and it has been incredible to have the chance to teach different learners. the organization was good as well as the classrooms and the resources. I definitely recommend this course, the tutors were great!
tefl roma
Belgian, 26
It was a great experience and I learned a lot. The experience of teaching real students was invaluable and the tutors on this course are wonderful. Also a very helpful and friendly staff. We were a close-knit group and there was a lot of support and laughter throughout the course. There was pressure of course, and we made rookie mistakes in the beginning of when planning lessons, but all of us quickly improved and the workload wasn't unmanageable. I would advise this course to anyone looking to get into teaching English as a foreign language.
tefl rome
Catherine Davies
Australian, 30
This course was fantastic. I was very impressed with the professionalism and organisation of the course. The tutors were incredibly experienced, friendly and supportive. All the staff here created a very warm and welcoming environment for us all. I am very glad to say at the completion of the course I feel confident going forward into an English teaching job either for classes or individuals. One of the best things about doing the 4 week course though for anyone considering it could be the bonds you will likely make with your fellow classmates. The intensity of the course definitely lends itself to creating deep friendships quickly which is definitely a silver lining to all the hard work.
tesol rome
Virginia Galgani
Italian, 24
My experience on the Trinity CerTESOL at TEFL in Italy was extraordinary. I loved every single moment, even if I was often tired and I haven't slept much because of the deadlines. Input sessions were extremely useful, as well as the teaching practice. I loved my tutors Iza and Andy, they are the best. My peers were amazing, I'm gonna miss them so much. It's been hard but totally worth it, I'd do it again and again. It's gonna be weird going back to "normal" life.
Austin Smith
American, 24
It is a very professional course. I feel this course helped prepare me to be an English teacher. Charles was a great tutor! The course explains a lot of details about how to become an English teacher and how to find a job as an English teacher.
Jennifer Gravendaal
Dutch, 32
I highly recommend this course! It has been a very intense month but I believe it has been worth the hard work. Cancel all your plans and go for it! The trainers were really friendly and approachable. Their support was really important; I could ask all of my questions and I felt supported throughout the course. On this course I learned a lot about different aspects of teaching.
Eugenio Di Fonzo
Italian, 30
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL course was good and demanding at the same time. It is good because it is very practical and it really helps you to start teaching, especially if you don't have any previous experience in this field (like me!) I would say the course is demanding because you need to fully commit yourself to it, and it isn't as easy as it may seem!
Justin Blanc
USA, 33
My time on the Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Italy was a great experience that has equipped me with the skills to become a quality English teacher. It also allowed me to develop friendships and connections that will enrich my experience going forward.
Selma Kalousek
USA, 55
The Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Italy isn't easy but you learn! In my opinion the eight-week course, if you have the time and possibility to dedicate that amount of time, is a better choice than the 4 week course. The pace is a little more manageable and you have a better chance to process what you are learning. Try not to take on any additional stresses for the duration of the course. It's intense! Hold on to your hats!
Max Pinto
British/Italian, 24
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Italy was challenging - certainly the most intense experience I've ever had, as the 4 weeks were full of information and Teaching Practices. Yet, the course is well put-together and I could notice my improvement from week to week.
Thomas Brennan
Irish, 34
The Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Italy was a great experience. My advice would be to really embrace the experience and try to get as much as possible from your time here. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as possible - the trainers will be happy to answer and assist! I met loads of great people and learned so much!
Joshua Mardell
British, 30
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Italy was a positive one, enabling me to become a professional teacher. The trainers on my course were excellent, supportive and provided very helpful feedback. I would have liked more of a sustained focus on grammar, especially tenses, and better printing facilities. Overall, a friendly, learned experience.
Katie McAuley
British, 21
I can't recommend this course enough. It is intense (more intense than I could have possibly anticipated), but the end result is worth the blood, sweat and tears for the 4 weeks! The teachers and staff are amazing - super supportive and always full of ideas! I would recommend brushing up on grammatical rules beforehand, because this can be a little overwhelming if it's been a while since you've studied grammar!
tefl italy
Diana Basgallop
British, 42
A great month learning how to teach English in Rome. The course has been intense and a huge learning curve but a really positive experience. The course outline and support offered throughout by the knowledgeable and experienced teachers has helped the 4 weeks fly by. Thank you to all the staff who have made this possible. Would recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach English as a foreign language.
tefl italy
Sandra Borgonovo
Italian, 22
In terms of the teaching this course is first rate. The teacher are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. You will be equipped to begin your teaching career and be exposed to all the subjects that are important in teaching. It-s not just about grammar! There are many aspects to being a teacher of the English Language, which is what makes this course interesting. The Trinity Method is a great method, because it combines creativity with intellectual aspects of being a teacher. What you do have to be prepared for is the amount of work this course requires, yet you will be prepared internationally from Trinity College London. The work is the equivalent of a one year course, and it does require and intellectual analysis of teaching i.e written reports, exams and practical teaching opportunities from Week 1. It is challenging yet worth it.
UK, 22

I am really glad I took this course! It’s been really intense but I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed myself a lot. I think (hope!) I’ve made friends for life and developed new skills, that I can’t wait to make use of in the classroom.

Make no mistake: this course is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re willing to work hard and you have an open mind then you will learn a lot.

Ekaterina Smirnova
Russia, 29

Having studied teaching and linguistics for five years, I had little idea of what an English lesson could be like. My education allowed me to work as a teacher but as a teacher with a rigid mindset and lack of flexibility. I was taught to be like this: to rely on a set of rules, directives and limited understanding of the learning process. However, that went against my nature and I realised that something had to be done. I didn’t really know how or where or when, though. It was by accident that I came across the abbreviation TEFl and became curious of its name and philosophy. Although, nothing is an accident, really.

I was lucky to find a solution to the problem that had been worrying me since graduation and first years of teaching practice. The Trinity CertTESOL course gave me the satisfaction and realization that I am following the right path in my life. Now the pieces of the puzzle now fall easily into place. The communicative approach showed me the other side of the educational coin. Yes, it can be engaging, efficient, diverse, challenging and interactive. During these intense two months I have been noticing, and quite surprisingly so, profound changes in me as a teacher and in me asa person. I could as well say that I was able to combine those personalities at last. There is no more contradiction. That being said, I should mention that I am now more aware of what kind of a teacher I am and the multiple professional skills that desperately need improvement. But I will be happy to work on those and anticipate encounter with more challenges in my future career as an ESL teacher. It is something I gladly look forward to…

This course gave me a sense of direction. And it gave me confidence that setting goals for your professional development might result in you actually achieving them. I’ve learned a lot on this journey. And I am grateful for the people who were with me.

Aynslee Davissen
Australia, 25

Completing my CertTESOL with TEFL in Italy was a fantastic experience. Intensive, certainly! Yet, also practical, engaging and incredibly worthwhile.

The staff are friendly and approachable, and the tutors are experienced and supportive.

Thank you for the (whirlwind) month in Rome!

tefl italy
Hélène Jonnard
France, 30

This course helped me improve as a teacher. I was lucky to receive constructive feedback from experienced teachers. The students were eager to learn English and they asked interesting questions that helped me in my teaching practice. I was given useful tips, good ideas and valuable strategies to enhance my teaching skills.

I had the opportunity to meet nice people with different backgrounds and this made our discussions even more interesting. I have learned a lot in such a short period of time, I’m really happy I resisted for the course in Rome. It was a wonderful journey to class every day!

Ana Marques de Barros
Portugal, 24

I would recommend this course for anyone who’d like to become a certified teacher. They gave a lot of support and you learn so many things and gain new and extraordinary insight into the world of teaching languages.

Josh Reed
UK, 27

I would highly recommend this course to any potential candidate. It is thorough, engaging and you receive lots of support.

tefl italy
Maria Angelica
Italy, 30

I would highly recommend this course. It was really intensive but it was the best choice of my life. I can guarantee that people will not be disappointed with this course. The course is really challenging but rightfully so! The school is amazing and the tutors are great! Always ready to answer to your questions.

tesol italy
Chloe Donnelly
USA, 25
This is a great program for fledgling or experienced teachers looking to learn the TEFL format, gain valuable input from observed teaching practice, and learn about the market of and gain contacts for teaching English in Italy. While challenging and intense, this course is certain to grant access to a host of teaching opportunities and experiences worldwide. A true, world-class experience.
Eleonora Vallorani
Italy, 28

These past two weeks have been really challenging, but I loved the cooperative atmosphere and the pool of ideas we shared and got inspired from! I will definitely recommend this course to anybody willing to pursue a career in teaching!

tefl italy
Jenny Gibbs
UK, 44

This course was a positive and constructive experience. I learnt a lot in an intense but exhilarating way. The trainers were very supportive and approachable. I have come away with a great sense of achievement. Thanks to all the TEFL in Italy team!

celta italy
Vaidehi Satish
Indian, 37
The last 4 weeks has been a truly enriching experience. The input sessions were well planned and had an amazing time gaining knowledge. The tutors were ever willing to share their knowledge and provide support. Would highly recommend.
tesol italy
Chloe Saint Arbor
USA, 23
Dina is the best. (and Chiara too.) You're gonna love it here. The best experience of my life. Threw a coin in the fountain, definitely coming back!
tefl italy
Paula Rajpaulsingh
British, 49
Well above my expectations! Professional tutors and excellent feedback! I have learnt so much in such little time and feel confident to continue my teaching career. Thank you TEFL in Italy!
tefl italy
Sean Bellissimo
Amazing experience, great quality instructors, all in the center of the eternal city! So glad i got my certification here!
tesol italy
Hanna Ismail
It was a great experience and I really learned a great deal in one month! The staff was great!!!
celta rome
Rob Doyle
British, 20
During this course I learnt so much, met some great people and made some friends for life.
tefl italy
Gabriella Van Oudenhove
Belgian, 25
Great experience! Hard work, but fun. Very open to the ideas you bring in and this made it a great way to develop as a teacher.
Catherine Davanzo
This course challenges you in ways that push your limits and force you to become a better teacher. The trainers are exceptionally qualified and offer personal feedback to every student. While it is very challenging, you really do learn a lot about TEFL and leave the course feeling prepared to move forward with your career. Grazie mille TEFL-in-Italy!
tefl italy
Jill Miller
In just four short weeks, I have learned how to teach English to students from all over the world- wow! I have really enjoyed teaching English to a classroom of adult Italian students as well as having the opportunity to further develop my skills as a private teacher. Overall, I feel that this course has been a very illuminating experience in terms of observing my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher and giving me the opportunity to reflect on my personal development in general. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this TEFL course in Italy ~ thank you!
Robert Gray
There are but 2 things in life that after availing of, have led me to doubt “Have I paid enough for this?” One is honey, (all the work that goes into producing just a teaspoon full and here I have this large Jar!) and the TEFL teachers training course. Ah 3 things...coat hangers just came to mind.. (have you ever actually bought one?) but here's my point. This TEFL course is more than your moneys worth. Busy Bee trainers, highly professional, efficient and engaging, the end product being techniques to take home so etched into your brain synapses that you wont…..actually cant forget them evermore. I entered the course a dull dusty boring lecturer of a teacher, with 'set in stone' techniques and unrealistic expectations from students….(sorry S's). Abracadabra, one month later and these horrible habits had been obliterated, sand blasted into sweet tasting and scented teaching styles, remembering amongst many other things to Read, Write, Listen, Speak with S's and Ask, Don't Tell! OK there is the risk of going insane due to the crazy intensity of cramming so much into one month , but none of my class did, probably due to the fact that at least 3 of us were already barking mad (but we did lose one candidate after less than a week due to the stress of it all) so pace yourself for the 'long haul' and not 'economy flight'. The location location location is 3 times a winner and while there are negatives the positives genuinely outweigh all else.
Remco van Duist
Following the course has improved my teaching significantly. Even though I already have four years of teaching experience, this course still gave me a lot of new knowledge and skills that I can put to good use in the classroom.
Nat Paterson
Thank you for the help and support over the course, which has put me in a position to find work in Italy. I noticed a huge improvement in my group teaching during the course.
tefl italy
Stijn Vercarre
31, Belgium
The course is very intense but in the end so satisfying. It’s a nice experience and I can only recommend it to others who want to teach and see the world!
celta italy
23, Italy
This was a fantastic experience, I loved learning and gaining experience about being a teach here. And everyone at the school was great! 100% recommended!
trinity tefl rome
Carolyn Sillau
36, Peruvian
If you want to start building a teaching career, I deeply recommend the TEFL course. It is an experience I will always remember.
Ana-Alicia Burrows
The Bahamas
Teaching is what I have been doing for the past three and a half years, but it is not something that I had developed a passion for — until now. Doing this TEFL course in Italy has opened my eyes to the range of benefits, intrigue, and overall satisfaction that can be had from teaching, and it has taught me new things both about myself and about the profession. I have always wanted to travel to Italy, and doing so with the added bonus of improving myself professionally was the best decision I have ever made. It is true what they warn you about: the course is intense. However, the assignments, input sessions, and teaching practice all combine to aide in your development and, in the end, make you a stronger and more confident teacher. Proper time management and great support from fellow trainees and tutors alike guarantees that you will make it through, no matter what. I learned so much on this course, met some of the most amazing people, and have now strengthened myself with a certificate that will keep me moving forward. If I could do it over, I would not change one thing, except for maybe this: I wouldn’t leave. If you’re thinking about a TEFL course, this one is a good one. Just go for it.
tefl italy
46, American
The course was a wonderful experience. Detail oriented with excellent tutors.
Piera & Pilar
Italy & Spain
Teaching Young Learners course The course was very interesting and useful, we got the answers to most of our questions about teaching young learners. We can't wait to put the strategies into practice!
tefl italy
I would recommend this course. It was intensive but of good quality and overall it gave a lot of energy and satisfaction. That in combination with nice people in such a beautiful city was an experience I wouldn’t want to miss!
Damiano Marchetti
30, Italy
A very challenging course well-constructed and substantial. I recommend it!
celta rome
The course was very intense, but even so, I loved every minute of it. Moreover, the tutors are amazing!”
tesol italy
Shamiso Chikonyora
48, Zimbawe

It was an intense course, it was so engaging!

Daniela Meo
Professional tutors. I have learned a lot in one month TEFL training. Brilliant location. As they say at the beginning: cancel all your appointments, forget your family and friends, don't even set appointments with the dentist... you are attending a TEFL training!!!
Christopher Spreigl
I found the course well worth my time. The course tutors were professional and I learnt a lot about teaching English. It was a very intensive and exhausting time, but also great fun. The way the school organises students for us to teach worked really well. Even if one doesn't have that much free time to see Rome, the location is very charming
Natasha Mayhew
Great Britain
The course is highly intensive, but after having completed it, I feel an enormous sense of achievement. It taught me so much about the importance of time management and how to prioritize. We all experienced a whirlwind of emotions throughout, but worked efficiently. It did help to mould us into stronger people both on a personal and professional level. The tutors we had were very dedicated in helping us succeed. They led by example in showing us what it takes to be a teacher of English. They always gave constructive, honest feedback to the lessons we taught and never failed to encourage and praise us when we showed improvement. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wishes to further their teaching development.
Pamela Quezada
28, Dominican Republic/U.S.A.
The course is intense, but so fulfilling. The trainers are experienced, available, and friendly. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Rome is gorgeous and the students you will be teaching are so enthusiastic and supportive of the trainees. Are you at all hesitant? Sign up!!! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I will never forget my time here.
Faro Maltese
When they told me the course is intensive, I didn’t seriously know what to expect… I found out when I arrived there: tons of information on subjects I never studied, nights of little sleep to be able to complete the tasks and prepare lessons for the teaching practice… But exactly for this reason it changed me like few other things happened in my life did: it showed me sides I didn’t know about myself, skills I didn’t know I had. There were difficult moments, of course, but I didn’t give up, especially thanks to the tutors: they are there to help you when the pressure is too high. If you will take this course you will not be left alone, and you will get the value that you paid for.
Alexandra Röttger
I was certainly one of the more mature students in the course. The training was a great experience. Despite being very intensive it was good value for money and a great opportunity to re-invent yourself and start a new career in your life.The facilities were excellent, the location could not have been better, and most importantly everyone was very friendly, open, and positive. The TEFL course is an effective way of getting a recognized qualification in a very short time. I would recommend it to anyone.
Johane Oliveira
At first, I was very nervous about the course. The tutors were very friendly and open to help you. The first week is where a lot of learning and serious guiding for us takes place. From the second week, you are supposed to do your own lesson plans, and it’s very scary to do. The tutors and other trainees are there to help and assist you.I have to say the amount of work is huge, and yes, it takes a lot of time. The course, it is afull-time thing, but the joy to have the students doing and understanding what you prepared is worth it. At the end, the sense of accomplishment is amazing! I would recommend, for sure, the TELF course in Rome.
Mariangela Graziano
28, Italy
The TEFL course had a large amount of source information and tools to become a great teacher. I learned so many things in just one month. It’s very intense, like every short course, but the tutors really helped us and kept motivating every trainee. We all shared beautiful and stressful moments as a big family! The atmosphere within the school is great for learning and teaching. The scenery outside is beautiful and I took walks during my lunch break with the other trainees. I have had a lovely time for my first study abroad experience. Don’t give up and be motivated throughout the course! You’ll be satisfied in the end and you’ll see all your progress!