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  • Are you returning to teaching after a break and feel a little rusty?
  • Have you taken a TEFL course in the past but feel the need to refresh your knowledge?
  • Are you a qualified teacher with some experience but feel you need more teaching practice?
  • Or do you just want to boost your confidence by reviewing and extending what you learned on the CELTA or Cert TESOL?

Then our 1-week TEFL Refresher Course in Rome is for you!

By the end of the tailor-made programme you will have:

  • improved your own language awareness
  • enhanced your lesson planning skills
  • observed experienced teachers
  • gained real teaching experience
  • received feedback from Trinity TEFL trainers

Course overview

  • 25 hours pre-course tasks
  • Access to our Online TEFL Refresher Course (self-paced)
  • 1 week on-site training with our current Trinity CertTESOL group
  • Input sessions related to grammar, phonology, lesson planning, classroom management, teaching approaches and techniques
  • Guided lesson planning
  • Guided observation of experienced teachers
  • 1 hour Observed teaching practice + feedback
  • 1 hour Online unobserved teaching practice
  • Access to our full careers service (inc. CV writing)

Course Fee

Special offer 1: Sign up with a friend and get 50% discount each

To Apply

Please send us an e-mail with your CV and availability to info@tefl-in-italy.com to sign-up. You’ll receive the payment details. Please note that you must already hold either a TESOL or CELTA certificate to apply for the Online TEFL refresher course.

Please include:

  • Name
  • Phone number


Lucy-Ann Pope – I signed up for the week-long TEFL Refresher Course because I was thinking of returning to teaching after a few years’ absence and needed to refresh my skills and regain some confidence. I could find nothing like this anywhere else.
I joined a group of CertTESOL students for their teaching practice and input sessions for the week. I undertook 2 observed teaching practices for which I received valuable help with the planning and really useful feedback.

The input sessions I attended were also extremely worthwhile and helped me to revise important areas, like teaching methodology and phonology.
I cannot speak highly enough of the course tutors, Megan and Andy, who were so friendly, knowledgeable, and such great teaching role models. Not forgetting, Centre Manager, Esme, who was amazing! So helpful, organised, and clearly passionate about the students and her job. Esme organised my tailor-made course from the start and the one-to-one career development session she held me with on the last day was invaluable.
The fantastic thing about the school is that anyone who does a teaching course with the school has lifelong access to their Careers’ Service with information forever available to you on jobs in Italy and elsewhere. So helpful!!
All in all, doing the course was a fantastic experience for me. It really helped me to get back my teaching mojo and has given me the confidence to re-start my TEFL career.
I would recommend the TEFL Refresher Course to anyone who perhaps hasn’t taught for a while and wants to refresh their skills in a friendly and positive environment. It’s so rewarding! Just do it!!
Thank you!