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TEFL + Intensive Italian

Learn Italian in Rome, discover the Italian culture, and meet new friends!

In our special TEFL + Intensive Italian combined programme, we offer our TEFL trainees the opportunity to learn and/or improve their Italian.  

Italian Course:

Students attend group Italian classes at our Italian partner school for 4 hours a day (10:00-14:00) from Monday – Friday for 20 hours a week after completing their Trinity CertTESOL course.

  • Placement test on arrival (please advise if you already have a certified level)
  • Starting date, every Monday

Course fee Italian Course:

Registration fee: €70
1 week20€ 250€ 250 per week 2024
2 weeks40€ 440€ 220 per week 2024
3 weeks60€ 660€ 220 per week 2024
4 weeks80€ 880€ 220 per week 2024
5 weeks100€ 950€ 190 per week 2024
12 weeks240€ 2.040€ 170 per week 2024
16 weeks320€ 2.560€ 160 per week 2024

TEFL + Italian + Student Visa:

Our special 1-year Student Visa Programme meets the requirements for a student visa and includes the following:
– 4 or 6-week TEFL Trinity CertTESOL Course
– 11-month Intensive Italian course (20 hours/week)
– Visa service: Our visa lawyer provides comprehensive support, guiding you through every step of the process with expert assistance, ensuring all your documents and paperwork are handled efficiently and accurately
– Job placement

Total fee: €5800

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To Apply:

Complete the online application form here. You will then be invited for a Zoom interview.