Moving Forward; Covid-19 Q&A

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Moving Forward; Covid-19 Q&A

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The current situation

We are closely monitoring the current Covid-19 situation and following the guidance of the Italian Ministry of Health Department for the most up-to-date information.

Due to the current situation and to avoid putting our customers, staff and the community at risk we closed our doors . This was a preventive measure following the recommendations of the Italian government. We are optimistic this closure will be lifted in the coming weeks. 

Can I take the course online?

Absolutely! We have just announced our NEW 10-week Online Blended TESOL course which is accredited by Trinity College London. The course consists of 9-weeks online study + 1 week or 5 Fridays face-to-face in Rome (the face-to-face component is flexible and can be completed within 12 months)

What can I expect from the Online Blended TESOL course?

Online element: 9-weeks (100 hours)

  • Methodologies and Approaches to Teaching English
  • Presenting Language 
  • Interactive Tasks
  • Video Tutorials
  • Written Assignments
  • Online Forum Discussions
  • Videos Featuring Experienced Teachers

*Includes online support and feedback from tutors

Face to face element: Choose 1 week or 5 Fridays (30 hours) 

  • Attend one of our training centres in either Malaga or Rome for face to face teaching practice.
  • Either 1-week Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm or 5 Fridays
  • Flexible: To be completed within 12 months after the online start date

Will I teach real students?

Absolutely, as this is a must on an accredited TEFL course! Regardless of whether you take the course face-to-face or online, you will complete the required 6-hours of live teaching practice (observed by our tutors). If our business cannot open due to further restrictions, then the classes will be completed online through Zoom with our Italian students.

Will we have help planning our classes?

Lesson preparation will be carried out in the same way, with scheduled times to connect with our experienced tutors to review your work.

Under what circumstances would the course need to be done online?

We have moved the entire course online now that there is a government-mandated closure of all schools in Rome. We will also have the face-to-face course running as soon as any obligatory closure is lifted.

Is it safe to travel to Rome?

You cannot travel to Italy at present due to the flight ban. As soon as this is lifted, we will inform you. If this affects your future face-to-face course, then we will contact you to advise you of the online flexible option.

Our Strategy

Our strategy as always is that there is always a solution! We remain positive and will adapt to the changing situation to make sure that we deliver quality training for you to be able to complete your TEFL course. We have a solid contingency plan, so as not to disrupt the service we provide to our customers.

Interested in applying for our Trinity College London accredited course?

Check out our Trinity Cert TESOL course dates here. Once we have received your application form we will invite you for a Whatsapp or Skype interview to discuss the course in more detail.

Still have doubts?

Interested in signing up for our Trinity accredited TESOL course but having doubts? Drop our Centre Manager, Megan an email at info@tefl-in-italy.com and receive a video call to discuss your concerns.

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