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Our Careers Service

Looking for a TEFL course and TEFL jobs in Italy?
At TEFL in Italy we care about our graduates and help you find the best job possible.

There´s is a big demand for English teachers in Italy. Compared to other European countries, the level of English here is quite low, so Italians need to improve their English in order to find a good job in Italy or abroad. This means there are plenty of  TEFL jobs in Italy!

The most important part of getting TEFL certified is finding a job when it’s all over. We help you throughout the 4 weeks and beyond to develop a foundation to be successful in the TEFL job market.

Our Careers Service includes:

CV Writing & Interview Preparation

During the course we provide a 2-hour workshop specifically designed to prepare your teaching CV, application cover letter and provide you with informationabout finding employment and interview tips.

Unobserved Teaching Practice

Throughout the course you will be required to participate in observed teaching practice (7-hours), which will give you invaluable experience when contacting potential employers. After the course we offer you the option of some unobserved teaching as a qualified teacher so the experience can be added to your CV.

Trinity College London Accredited Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with an accredited level 5 teaching certificate from Trinity College London that will give you the upper hand when searching for a position in Italy and worldwide.

Recommendation Letter & References

At the end of the TEFL course you will be presented with an official letter of recommendation. We  will then act as referees for your future teaching positions!

Exclusive Job Offers - Private Facebook Group

TEFL in Italy is contacted on a regular basis for job offers targeted at our graduates. We collaborate with these local language schools and help you find a job by putting you in contact with them. These offers are shared in our private Facebook group.

Teacher Development Courses

Continuing professional development is important in teaching which is why we offer teacher development courses after your TEFL course. The courses we offer are:

  • Teaching Cambridge Exam Classes
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Teaching Business English


Our aim is to help you succeed! If you have any questions regarding our career services, please contact us at info@tefl-in-italy.com.

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