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How to Teach English in Italy

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By Pamela Quezada


Italy is arguably one of the best place to teach abroad. The market is absolutely exploding, with everyone, young and old, needing to speak English for work and play. How can you take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity? Read on…

TEFL Certificate is NECESSARY:

  • Don’t be fooled! A TEFL Certificate gives you the best chance to get hired as soon as possible by a reputable school. Don’t skimp out on the ostensibly unnecessary expense. Without it, you aren’t qualified – it’s an investment for your future, setting yourself up for success. A CELTA by Cambridge or a Trinity CertTESOL are by far the most respected and widely known. Sign up today! What better location than Rome? (add LINK)

To Visa or NOT to Visa…

  • Inform yourself, depending on your citizenship status (EU or non-EU), regarding what you need to stay in Italy. How long will you be here? It all depends. Would you like a more detailed breakdown of how to apply for a student visa as a North Americaner? Comment on this post and I will prepare a new post breaking it down all for you! Going on my 4th time applying for one of these babies, I’m becoming a bit of a begrudging expert…


  • This may be a bit of process, involving a lot of paperwork, time and patience…but don’t forget to BREATHE! With a bit of planning, this could be the adventure of a lifetime. The work is fulfilling and there is plenty of it to go around. Make room for lots of PASTA and travelling and load some free conversation apps on your phone to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

So pack your bag! Deciding is half the battle. Check out our testimonials and information to get all of the details.
We shall be waiting for you in La Bella Italia.

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